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Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Galveston, TX

At rightsize weight loss, Dr. Willis can customize a weight loss program just for you. Medical weight loss can offer fast, lasting results through medication, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle counseling. Call (409) 204-4910 for more information or request an appointment online. We are located at 6217 Central City Blvd Galveston, TX 77551.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Galveston, TX

At Right Size Medical Weight Loss Clinic, Dr. Willis Will Develop Your Unique Therapeutic Program and Will Teach You How to Eat More and Exercise Less to Achieve Your Optimal Rightsize for a Lifetime!

Dr. Willis’ RightSize Overview

Dr. Willis’ Rightsize Weight Loss combines traditional medicine to diagnose the causes of the overweight disease with holistic methods to raise the metabolism for a lifetime victory in weight loss. Doc says Eat More and Exercise Less! This is how you can achieve substantial fat loss without drugs, diets, or hours in the gym. Food is both the cause and the cure of the overweight disease and eating certain preservatives drops one’s metabolism for days at a time. How can one lose weight if chemicals are causing daily weight gains? We substitute eating one or two big meals with enjoying 4-5 delicious single-size treats. Doc is not afraid of carbs unless you are allergic to such ingredients. (He created a delicious brownie recipe with no wheat or sugar!) What if all you needed was two minutes of exercise to burn more fat? Doc has dozens of scientifically proven 2-minute, “Aerobic-surge” exercises and when done 4-5 times/day it can yield more fat loss than being gym one hour each day! The first step is to come in for a 60-minute diagnostic consultation so we can design your unique treatment plan. Ready to be a paid weight loss model?

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